The Trust Automation TA600 standalone motion controller continues Trust Automation’s tradition of motion control innovation. The TA600 is a four axis motion controller for any combination of brushed, brushless or stepper axis control. The advanced dual processor design optimizes performance by splitting the tasks between command execution and host communication and general I/O. This advanced design delivers peak performance while reducing your development time and shortening your time to market. This motion controller is flexible and feature rich, suitable for most medium- to high-end applications. Application examples include semiconductor processing equipment, material handling systems and packaging equipment.




  • Dual processor for high throughput
  • 4 high speed position capture inputs
  • USB 2.0 setup and diagnostics interface
  • 24V DC power
  • Quadrature or ± 10V DC analog feedback
  • User I/O: 8 digital outputs, 14 digital inputs
  • Dual DAC’s per axis for sinusoidal motor control
  • Trapezoidal, SCurve, velocity and custom moves
  • Integrated emergency stop circuitry
  • Brushed, brushless, stepper control with feedback, closed loop
  • Four servo control axes
  • Dedicated I/O: positive, negative and home sensors for each axis
  • Stepper control with or without feedback
  • Point to point, multi axis, interpolated, circular interpolated moves
  • Application specific parameters stored in EEPROM


  • Semiconductor processing equipment
  • Material handling systems
  • Packaging equipment

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