The D-1041 8-Axis controller is a 6U 19” rack mount system providing easy access to controller, drives and power from the front and cabling from the rear.

The 8-axis controller, 2-axis stepper/linear drives and system power supply are all front removable without disconnecting system cabling, easing system maintenance. The 2-axis drives are configurable for either stepper or linear control and are 48V, 2A continuous, 4A peak capable. The system power module provides power to the controller and drives and there is an optional D-1045 power bay to provide motor power. Both power supplies are standard 120VAC/220VAC.



  • Compact system
  • Simple maintenance
  • Heat management


  • High and very high resolution staging
  • Linear motor stages
  • High inertia mismatched stages
  • Low inductance motors